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Before 10th October 2022


At Respective Schools

Debate & Poster-making Competitions at Schools

As we gear up for the Space revolution it is important to expose our children to the different avenues of careers in Space. These competitions are an excellent way to engage and expose them to Space Sciences & Astronomy. Read the guidelines below to see how your school can participate.

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Debate & Poster-making Competitions at Schools
Debate & Poster-making Competitions at Schools

Time & Location

Before 10th October 2022

At Respective Schools


About the event

These Competitions are organised under The Cosmic Fest to celebrate World Space Week. 

World Space Week is an international celebration of science and technology and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition. The United Nations General Assembly declared in 1999 that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4-10.

Guidelines for the Debate Competition:

Grade Eligibility: 8th & 9th grades

Topics for the debate are as follows:

1) Deep Space Missions - justified or not? (should money be spent on probes to distant planets or it would be better invested for people on earth)

2) Deep Space Missions - should they be manned or unmanned (robots)? (Space exploration does come with a risk to human life should only robots be considered for exploration then?)

3) Extraterrestrial settlements - Science Fiction or future planning? (We hear about Moon village and Mars settlements often in the media should work on them be considered as future planning or just science fiction?)

  1. Two teams will face each other off in a debate session. One team will talk in favour of the topic while the other team will oppose the same.
  2. The school decides which team gets which topic (for/against)
  3. There would be 3 - 4 students in a team. (The school can decide the final numbers in a team)
  4. Tasks of the First Speak: The task of the First Speaker is to introduce their topic and their views on the same. The First Speaker from each team will introduce their team and the team’s stance on the topic.
  5. Tasks of the team: every member presents his/her arguments for the topic in a respectable language.
  6. Any speaker from the team can give Closing Arguments. It should be decided by the members of the team.
  7. The school decides the flow and rules and duration of the debate.
  8. The school will also put together a panel of judges who selects the winning team.
  9. The School is free to make more teams if there are more participants and create qualifying rounds but there should be only one winning team in the end. (This is optional)
  10. Schools must give an introduction to the students about The Cosmic Fest and World Space Week. (we will provide a write-up for the same once you complete the registration)

The School will need to send in a report to us by 11th October 2022 with the following details:

  • Day and Date of the event
  • number of participants & the number of attendees 
  • Names & Designations and email id's of the Judges
  • List of Winners
  • Photos & Videos from the event. 

The report can be mailed to -


Guidelines for Poster Making Competition

There are 2 categories for the Poster making competition - 

Category A: grade 1 to grade 5

The topic for category A: Exploring the Solar System

[The children can draw a solar system, individual planets and their moons or satellites, probes and rovers exploring the solar system]

Category B: - grade 5 to grade 10 

The topic for category B:- Space & Sustainability

[Sustainability in space relates to how humanity uses space, especially the orbital area surrounding Earth-itself (more commonly known as Space debris - as shown in the movie Gravity) Space & sustainability can also mean how Space resources can be used to enhance living conditions on earth in a sustainable way, examples of this are - remote Earth observation can help drive change for our own home planet, measuring climate change, identifying pollution on land and at sea, supporting agriculture in developing nations- an endless list.]

  • The school can decide the size of the poster. (A4/A3)
  • The material & medium should be at the School or students' discretion.
  • The School will decide the judges for the competition
  • We would encourage the school to display all the posters in their corridors/walls for all children to see.
  • Each grade from grades 1-5 and 6-10 will have 3 winners.

The School will need to send in a report to us by 11th October 2022 with the following details:

  • Day and Date of the event
  • number of participants & names of winners
  • Names, Designations and email id's of the Judges
  • Photos & Videos displaying the posters of the participants

The report can be mailed to -

For any doubts or clarifications, you can contact us at -  or call on 99309 69806.

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