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Drawing Competition

Schools across Mumbai at 7th-10th grades, will conduct drawing competitions, school will select the winner and send the entries to TSE for finals.

we shall provide the materials.(finalists)

Winners will display their work at the auditorium on 20th July , these artwork will be up for sale

If any one buys it 50% of the sale price will be given to the students whose art it is

and 50% will go to the NGO Akshaya Shakti Women's Association.

Each child will get a participant's certificate.



Model Making Competition

Children from Grade 6th to grade 10th will participate individually in making 3D models of Moon on the following themes:

1) Moon Missions (National & International)

2) Phases of the Moon

3) Moon Art


Students can use various materials for their models but the dimensions should be a minimum 6"by 6" and a maximum of 12"by12" in size

The school will conduct this competition between 15-17th of July and submit the model entries of the 1 topper in each theme category to The Sky Explorers team by 17th July. The top entry submission must have a video of the model and a video of the child explaining his/her concept behind the model.

On the 20th of july these top models will be displayed for an audience poll to select a winner amongst all participating schools.

Screenshot (262).png

Online Origami Workshop

Learn to make the Moon and stars through our online Origami Workshop.

Grades 5th, 6th and 7th can engage in this workshop and learn about some stories of the Moon while making their own Origami Moon.

Workshop Date & Time: TBD

The workshop can be conducted within school hours. All the school has to ensure is that the students have square shaped marble paper or chart paper for their models.

Dimensions for the paper are - minimum 4" by 4" and maximum 12" by 12"

Instructors: Jatin & Sharmila

Prior video for online demonstration ease*


Storytelling and Writing Competition

Students will write Moon stories; these can be stories heard from grandparents or written by themselves or both. School will select the winner and that student will send his/her video narrating the story. Entries should be sent latest by 17th July. Participants from 

The school will send written entries to TSE. The winner selected by the school will narrate and video record the story.

Final winners from these winners will narrate their story on 20th July in the auditorium and a final story winner will be awarded a prize.

5 mins story.

-ask Title waves, Hindu, Kitabkhana for books as prize hampers.

-judge: Katie and Medha

Screenshot (263).png

Online Lectures

collaboration with the nehru science centre We can connect from the NSC zoom

1. Moon in mythology Moon MythBusters: Prof Aniket Sule

2. Moon missions of India: Ritu Karidhar(ISRO) and Sarita Vij (IIST)

If no Ritu then Manojendu Chouduhri and Sarita Vij OR


 Manojendu choudhuri and Myls Annadurai(ISRO)

Screenshot (264).png

Moon Film Festival

Venue- the Nehru science center 15th to 19th july 2024.


The Grand Finale - यंु सजा चांद

Everything good has to be celebrated and we promise we will keep the tradition alive.

The Grand Finale of this week-long Moon festival is designed as an evening where poetry meets music, dance, art, history and science creating an evening to be remembered.

Tol be held on Saturday 20th July 2024 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm

at Nehru Centre/TIFR Auditorium.(subject to availability of the auditorium)

Gracing the stage will be lead performers along with the musical accompanists . In addition, several guest artistes will perform individual pieces.

We would be bringing a bilingual experience to all moon lovers.

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